Tuesday – 9/5

We arrived on time at 6PM, and had no problem getting into the apartment we stayed in. The weather was warm and muggy, and our first impression of Boston was just how old everything feels. Then we had a delicious dinner at Piattini, walked around Newbury street a little bit, and came home. We thought it would be hard to fall asleep because of jetlag, but we were so exhausted that it was no problem!

Wednesday – 9/6

We woke up and went straight to The Thinking Cup for bagels and coffee. We started to notice lots of young professional people headed to work. We spent the rest of the morning running a few errands and doing a little shopping. We got back to the apartment and a few minutes later we heard thunder, and then it poured like crazy!

We got dressed up and went to lunch at Top of the Hub, where we got sweeping views of all of Boston. We got to see the storm roll in and then leave again. Ryan got a baked lobster dish, and I got a delicious chicken and vegetable dish. Dessert was mango mousse for me and creme brulee for Ryan.

From there we went home and took a much needed nap, then got ready for the Redsox game. We went to the Target down by Fenway and got rain poncho’s, then had a quick dinner and went into the park. We were surprised at how cozy it felt compared to AT&T Park, but still impressed with how amazing it is! We had great seats, but decided to hop around to different sections and see the Green Monster. It started to rain around the 5th inning, so we decided to leave because we thought they’d call the game. We got home within 10 minutes, turned on the game, and it was still going! We finished the game at home.

Thursday – 9/7

We made plans to go to the aquarium in the morning, and Emily was able to get us free tickets from work. After we met with her we were determined to try Dunkin’ Donuts. We were both extremely underwhelmed, leaving with a craving for Krispy Kreme. The aquarium was really great. We walked there and got to see a lot of downtown and the waterfront. We saw leopard seals being trained, a big freaky octopus, baby tiger sharks being grown in artificial wombs (weird), a couple really chill giant turtles, and lots of other fun fish things. Highlight was definitely touching the sting rays. There was also a little girl next to us at the tank and she asked someone who worked there, “Why aren’t you wearing your Pat’s jersey?!” That night was the first Patriots game of the season, and she was clearly excited.

We then walked back downtown and took the T Red Line to Harvard. We were there to see Harvard but mostly we wanted to visit Ryan’s cousin who just started as a freshman a few weeks ago. We walked onto campus and quickly found his dorm, and immediately saw Malia Obama. A quick picture is below. Ryan was embarrassed, but at least I didn’t stop her and tell her how awesome and smart my new cousin in law is! 😉

We found Ryan’s cousin and met his roommates, saw his swanky dorm, and then he took us on a tour of campus. He took us to the dining area which was used as inspiration for the Great Hall in HP movies (drool). We saw some other amazing buildings, I was most excited about the library. He was trying to remember why the library was so special, “It’s like the biggest library on the east coast, or maybe it’s the oldest library…” Finally he gave up, “I don’t know there’s just hella books in there.” He may of gotten into Harvard, but he’s still 18.

We went into the library and regular tourists can’t go in, but he used his student ID to get in, and explained we were his cousins visiting on our honeymoon. The guard was so happy and let us right in. We got to go down into the basement where they have the stacks, and it was incredible! I could just sit down there all day looking at all the books. The guys weren’t too impressed. We continued with the tour, he explained the house system to us and we got to see where he’ll live once he’s sorted into a house (another HP reference; come ON). We walked around Harvard Square and got lunch at Pinocchio’s, super yummy. We walked him back to his dorm where I’m sure he immediately started his homework.

We walked around campus a little longer, and found an amazing sundial behind a chapel. I have a thing for sundials, especially the inscriptions on them. This one was a gift from the class of 1870 (!!!!), and it said “On This Moment Hangs Eternity”

Harvard was cool but we were ready to head home. We took the T back to our neighborhood, got some groceries, and went home. A nice quiet evening watching the Patriot’s game and cooking dinner is just what we needed.

Friday – 9/8

We got to the beginning of the Freedom Trail at 9:30AM with Dunkin’ Donuts in hand, mostly just because Dunkin’ Donuts are everywhere. Walking the Freedom Trail we meandered slowly and listened to some of the tour guides along the way. It was the perfect weather, around 73 and sunny. My favorite stop was Mike’s Pastry, which is in fact not an actual stop along the trail. Ryan took pictures of every stop along the way, and we enjoyed learning the history of each spot. We crossed the river into Charleston and got to the Bunker Hill monument. Ryan was brave enough to walk up all 294 stairs shortly after finishing his cannoli. The views were amazing!

After a quick ride back to the Back Bay we got lunch at Shake Shack. It was very underwhelming and we agreed that Inn-N-Out is way better. After our quick nap back at the apartment, we headed to the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

We walked through the beautiful Commonwealth Avenue Mall, and then through the Boston Public Gardens. The ponds were so beautiful, and there were so many squirrels and ducks. We made our way through Beacon Hill, stopping to take pictures of all the amazing doors and alleys. We had dinner at a little Italian bistro, Panifico. It was the best brushetta I’ve ever had. After a little ice cream, we walked past Cheers, and then watched the sunset in the gardens. It was absolutely beautiful.

Once home we packed our suitcases and got everything ready for Nantucket.


Our final thoughts on Boston:

We loved Boston. We are very much city people and loved being in a new place. We stayed on Commonwealth Avenue, and it was perfect. We are so lucky we were able to stay there. We loved walking around Newberry Street, the Public Gardens, Beacon Hill, and the T was so easy to use. We did notice most restaurants weren’t eco friendly, they usually only had a trash can and cups were all styrofoam. Most Bostonians we met were really friendly to us, even though we’d heard it was a grumpy city. It was a lovely time and we both really want to go back.