Saturday 9/9

We caught a bus to a boat, and found ourselves in the middle of high noon chaos at the port in Nantucket. We dragged our bags up the cobblestone streets to our inn, The Chestnut House. We threw our stuff down and were on the lookout for lunch. We walked into Met on Main and ordered apparently the two biggest fried meals we’d ever had in our lives. I got honey dipped fried chicken thighs that came with a side of roasted potatoes and gravy, and Ryan got an absolutely enormous piece of fried fish with french fries on the side. Keeping up with our routine in Boston we walked back to our house in a food coma and took a long nap.

We pulled ourselves out of sleep and went on a long walk around town. We went into shops, saw the waterfront, made plans for the next day, and got the overall vibe of the Island. We noticed tons of Jeep’s, which didn’t make sense because the streets were so small. But we now realize everyone has a Jeep or Land Rover to go four-wheeling on the beach. Plus those cobblestones are pretty intense.

After an evening of walking the streets we found a fun little pub called The Rose & Crown, and had some light appetizers and few pints of Cisco’s Whale Tale brew.

Sunday 9/10

We got up early and hit Lemon Press for breakfast. Our first stop was the Whaling Museum where we saw a ginormous skeleton of a sperm whale that died on the beach of Nantucket in 1998. We found out that the sperm oil is located in the head cavity of the whale, and the smallest most agile crew member used to have to climb down into the head to get the oil out. We figured this would have been Ryan’s job.

Then we made our way over to a bike shop and rented bikes for the day. We picked a bike path to Madaket that was 6 miles away. We followed the signs but realized it was kind of a dangerous route. After about 10 cars passed us one of them finally had the decency to yell at us “BIKE PATH!!!!” and pointed to the other side of the street. Whoops. So we crossed and then enjoyed an amazing and safe bike path all the way to Madaket.

We caught some sun on the beautiful beach, played in the Atlantic, and then got hungry. We went to Millie’s for some amazing Mexican food. After lunch we hopped back on the bikes for the ride back into town. Going up some of the hills got pretty ugly on a full stomach, so we stopped a lot and just tried to take in the amazing views.

After returning the bikes and our now apparently mandatory afternoon nap, we went shopping in all the cute shops in the middle of town. Then we had an amazing dinner at Straight Wharf. Ryan’s aunt told us we had to get the Goombay Smash cocktail, and she was right. We ordered it without even looking at the menu, and when the waitress brought it we asked what was actually in it. She laughed and said “pretty much everything… it’s a rum punch.” For dinner Ryan had the clam bake with tons of lobster and clams, and I had chicken under a brick with tons of yummy vegetables and hazelnuts. Dessert was a seasonal stone fruit galette with ginger ice cream, and devil’s food cake with salted butter(!!!) ice cream. If you’ve read this far, congrats! I really wanted to remember this meal so I had to describe everything in detail.

Our final thoughts on Nantucket:

Nantucket was so beautiful. It was just how we had imagined it, except perhaps smaller. The bike ride was really the highlight of the trip, we got to see so much beautiful scenery and got to spend a lot of time at the beach. Our BnB was small but we didn’t spend a lot of time there anyways. The Straight Wharf was probably the best meal of the whole trip. It was just a stunning island with lots of history. It wasn’t super crowded when we were there, but we could tell it was definitely a touristy place, I don’t think we met anyone who actually lives there. Even our servers in the restaurants were just seasonal. We’re so glad made the extra effort to go south and explore this amazing island!